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This is truly unlike any other cemetery you’ve been to in the past. As you approach the South Byfield Cemetery, the nearby church, meandering country lane, and rustic stone walls exude old New England charm. The moment you pass through the gate something feels different. It feels tranquil, relaxed peaceful and serene. But what is it?

Suddenly you understand what it is – It’s not like the typical municipal cemetery with a grid pattern, overflowing with homogenous headstones. Just the opposite in fact.

As a private cemetery, the property, memorials, adornments and footprint are not bound to stipulations set forth by the town or city. Instead, the roadways weave about the grounds, ancient hemlocks create intimate alcoves, and there’s seldom another vehicle in view. Most significantly, families have full liberty with gravestone design and are permitted to customize the plot as desired. It is not uncommon to find plots with granite benches, bird feeders, planted shrubs and perennials, and other tasteful additions to make a visiting family member’s prayer as comfortable as possible. The Cemetery “community” encourages families to personalize their plot in honor of the loved ones resting here. These personal touches would never be allowed in a public cemetery.

The first plot was sold in 1856 by a nearby church, and shortly thereafter, the South Byfield Cemetery was founded. Today the cemetery is roughly 14 acres with plenty of interesting gravestones, including one for Sgt. John S. Odgen who died in the Battle of Little Bighorn and another for William Henry Moody who was Theodore Roosevelt’s roommate at Harvard. President Roosevelt eventually appointed Moody as a Supreme Court Judge. There are also over 300 veterans who are memorialized here.

If a private cemetery sounds like the right situation for you or a loved one, we invite you to contact us today for more information. Be sure to visit South Byfield Cemetery someday soon as see for yourself how unique this is for your family.

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    “From the first time my Mother Nonna walked these roads with her grandchildren, she knew she wanted to rest peacefully as part of this community.”


    – Massimo M.


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